Our Services
Cost Effective
Consider not only the cost of replacing the tub itself, but also the replacement of plumbing fixtures, tile walls, wallboard, pipes, tile floors and sub flooring, all of which are damaged during removal. Perma Ceram quality resurfacing can significantly reduce the cost of remodeling.

About Our Product
The average tub resurfacing job takes five to six hours. All work is done in the tub area with no mess to clean up. The bathtub can be used again in twenty-four hours. Our finish is a non-porous, waterproof finish that seals in grout and caulk so that fading, discoloration or missing pieces of grout will no longer be a problem. The finish is shiny, easy to clean and also protects against mold and mildew. Resurfacing can be done mulptiple times to the same tub, but we do hold a five year warranty on our product. In addition to white, our Perma Ceram finish is available in every color to match every fixture manufactured. Additionally, we can blend any special  color desired if provided with the color card desired. When cleaning the finish we suggest that you not use harsh abrasives or cleaners because they react like sandpaper to any porcelain surface, including a new bathtub. You will find any liquid cleaner is preferred.

What We Resurface
Sinks (Including pedestal sinks)
Wall tile
Clawfoot tubs and antique clawfoot tub restoration
Fiberglass one piece with wall unit or with ceiling
Fiberglass/porcelain spot repair
Complete fiberglass tub or shower bottom repair
Shower stall basin and shower stall basin with walls

We service residential, commercial, motels and hotels.

There are some odors involved with the refinishing process but we use high performance exhaust systems to completely eliminate odors in your home or business.